Becoming an instructor for FitStream 4 is fairly easy. Record your video (go to the Instructor Application page for full details), submit it, and we will get back to you!

We have a dual pay system.

Pay-per-view for Live Streams: Current rate is $0.25 for the first 50 views and $0.10 for every view after that + base of $20.00 / live stream

Flat rate: Current rate is $40.00 for recorded videos.

If you do a live stream and record it, you would receive the pay-per-view for the live stream + the flat rate for the recording.

Good question! All of our videos are protected which means no one can download them. Only subscribed members can view the videos and live streams. 

When you initiate a live stream, you have the option to record at the same time. If you select this option, the video will save to our streaming service’s servers. Within 24 hours, we will upload it as a content restricted product (meaning only subscribing members can see it OR pay a fee to view just that video). Once it goes live, it becomes the property of FitStream4 for us to broadcast to paying members.

No. We pay all the copyright costs for your recorded and live streams. 

Having high quality equipment will go a long way in making your streams and videos more desirable. Here is the equipment we recommend:


Light Ring


If you have equipment already, the only specifications we ask for are:

Camera: minimum 1080P, 30FPS (60FPS is preferred but 30FPS is fine)

Lighting: Enough light to see you, the equipment, and your movements

Audio: High Quality. Not the built in mic from your camera or laptop.

If you are a spin instructor and need a bike, we are working on partnering with a supplier in Calgary Alberta. Until we have worked out the details, check out Beyond the Basics and tell them we sent you!

If you want to instruct a spin class, you do need a bike or need access to a bike. You cannot instruct without it.

Similarly, if you want to teach a weights workout, you must have weights; same goes for yoga, bootcamp, or any other type of fitness video/stream.

The only certification we require is if you want to teach Yoga. You must produce your certificate and prove that you are certified. We recommend having some kind of education or experience in the other areas. Guiding people through exercise digitally without proper knowledge about human anatomy could be dangerous.


Our memberships are currently 1 month terms. For initial subscribers, you get 7 days as a free trial.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds at this time. You can put your membership on hold thought and pick up at a later date!

When you subscribe, you get access to:

  • All Live Streams
  • All recorded videos
  • Any material posted about your purchased fitness type (spin, yoga, etc)

You certainly can! We have a tiered subscription model. You have your base subscriptions (single activity only like Spin or Yoga), Base + 1 (Spin + Yoga or Spin + HIIT, etc), All-Access (Access to all material).


Each instructor will have their own Live Channel that you will have access to based on the level of your membership. You can find it under 

This isn’t an easy answer. Each workout is unique. For example, if you are doing a spin workout, you will need a bike (or other cardio equipment like treadmill); if you are doing a HIIT workout, you may need resistance bands or weights; if you are doing a general workout, you may need only weights. When an instructor sets up a class notification, they will indicate what equipment you need for that class so you can be prepared!

The bare minimum will depend on what kind of class, but: Dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mat, cardio equipment (treadmill, rower, stationary bike).

Common Streaming Issues

This results from your ISP limiting your bandwidth. Your internet may be too slow for high quality streaming.

This could be a bandwidth issue or it could be your browser blocking the video. Check your browser settings

Your mobile device may be blocking the live stream. Check your settings or close the browser and open it again. Try clearing your cache.


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