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Upcoming Live Classes


24/7 Access

With a monthly membership, gain 24/7 access to live streams and videos. Cycle and sweat anytime you want!

You don’t need to go into a studio to get the same workout.


Workout in the convenience of your own home on your own schedule.


Unlimited motivation

A FitStream4 Membership is your pass for classes that push your limits at your pace. Sweat, meditate, cycle, or smash irons.

Only The Best

We carefully vet our instructors so you are guaranteed to sweat with the cream of the crop!


Notice your gains with every class. We keep things new and exciting with videos being posted every week.

Goal Setter

Set your goals and surpass them. Push past your plateaus and work harder than before.

Tune In

Tune in and tune up. Grooving to the beat is the best way to reach new heights.

Meet our Instructors!

Some Common FAQ

Each instructor will have their own Live Channel that you will have access to based on the level of your membership. You can find it under 

This isn’t an easy answer. Each workout is unique. For example, if you are doing a spin workout, you will need a bike (or other cardio equipment like treadmill); if you are doing a HIIT workout, you may need resistance bands or weights; if you are doing a general workout, you may need only weights. When an instructor sets up a class notification, they will indicate what equipment you need for that class so you can be prepared!

The bare minimum will depend on what kind of class, but: Dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mat, cardio equipment (treadmill, rower, stationary bike).

Welcome to your new fitness family


We are building our instructor base! All you need is your own fitness equipment, a camera and a microphone (and a passion for teaching!)

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